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This page lists all the languages available in the database. It is possible to sort alfabetically all the columns, clicking on the left of the names in the columns. Click on the name of the language to go to its record.

Name Family Region Time
Ancient Armenian Armenian Armenian Highlands 400-1100 C.E.
Attic Greek Hellenic Attica 500-300 B.C.
Avestan Indo-Iranian Eastern Iranian Plateau Iron Age - Late Bronze Age
Galind Baltic Baltic region ?
Gaulish Celtic France and Swiss Rhine area 6th century B.C. - 6th century C.E.
Gothic Germanic Lower Moesia (Northern Bulgaria) 4th century C.E.
Hittite Anatolian Anatolia 18th–12th century B.C.
Latin Italic Italy and Roman Empire 1st century B.C. - 1st century C.E.
Luwian Anatolian Anatolia 15th - 7th centuries B.C.
Mycenaean Greek Hellenic Island of Creta and Greece mainland 15th - 12th B.C.
Old Church Slavonic Slavic Southern Slavic Areas 9th-11th century C.E.
Old English Germanic Great Britain mid 5th century - mid 12th century
Old High German Germanic Central Europe 8th-11th century C.E.
Old Irish Celtic Ireland 6th-10th century C.E.
Old Latvian Baltic Baltic region 16th century C.E.
Old Lithuanian Baltic Baltic region 16th century C.E.
Old Norse Germanic Nordic countries until 1300 C.E.
Old Persian Indo-Iranian Ancient Iran 525-300 B.C.
Old Prussian Baltic Prussia 16th century C.E.
Sanskrit Indo-Iranian India 4th century B.C. - present
Tocharian Tocharian Tarim Basin 6th-8th century C.E.

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